Some time ago I started my preparations for the VMware Certified Professional 6 – Desktop (VCP6-DT) certification. Last week I noticed that the VCP6-DT exam and certification will be retired as soon as November 30, 2015.

2015-08-24-01Figure 1

This year VMware started making major changes in their Certification Roadmap, like abandoning the Advanced Professional level and introducing the Implementation level. The number of new Version 6 exams is still growing. An overview of the available certifications can be found here.

For an overview of retired exams and certifications can be found here.

The VCP6-DT and the VCP5-DT certifications will be replaced by the new VCP6-DTM certification. The exam details and objectives can be found here.

Another difference between Version 5 and Version 6 certification; VMware does no longer publish a downloadable Exam Blueprint but only an online version. A “Last Updated” section has been added. I also hope version control will also be added in the future.

I have converted the exam topics, dated 27 July 2015 in a downloadable document. Links to the documentation have been added.

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