VCP6-DTM exam – Section 1


In my previous post I discussed the changes between the VCP6-DT exam and the new VCP6-DTM exam. So, it is not surprising that at this time, my focus is on VMware’s desktop and mobility solutions, in other words: Horizon 6, AirWatch etc.

To gain knowledge and experience, I tend to do the following:

  • Read books, whitepapers, blogs and documentation.
  • Watch and study Video trainings e.g. Pluralsight.
  • Build labs and practice a lot.
  • Work on real-world projects.
  • Work towards a certification

I strongly believe in the value of certifications, but in my opinion, one should only take an exam after a solid preparation.
VMware’s Exam Blueprints help you to determine which objectives are covered in an exam or not. Without these it would not always that clear and the number of VMware products is huge these days!

Exam Blueprints help me to review the objectives, so for me filling in the objectives makes sense and helps me in my preparations.

In 2012, I first published my study notes for the VCAP5-DCA exam (version VDCA510) as a series of blogpost. Last year I published an updated version for the VDCA550 exam.

Because converting a Word document to WordPress takes a considerable amount of time, from the VDCA550 exam, I published the various sections as downloadable documents.

In this post, you will find the first section of the new VCP6-DTM exam. I hope you will enjoy it. I welcome your comments.

Download new VCP6-DTM exam – Section 1