Implementing CA signed SSL certificates with vSphere 5.x – Part 6 – Horizon View


In a VMware Horizon for View environment (VMware’s VDI solution), View Connection servers are an important client facing component. A View Connection Server acts as a broker for client connections and for that reason VMware highly recommends that you replace the default SSL certificates which are generated during the installation of the Connection servers.

To help you with this job, VMware has a lot of useful documentation available, like:

For each View Connection server you should perform these basic tasks for setting up SSL Certificates:

  1. Generate a Certificate Signing Request
  2. Request a signed Certificate from a CA
  3. Import the signed Certificate
  4. Set up the imported Certificate for a View server
  5. Import Certificates on other View Servers

In the next sections I will show you the steps and some tips to step over some of the caveats.

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