HP ML110 G6, CPU and ESXi


Before installing VMware ESXi (or any other OS) it is good practice to explore the BIOS of the server hardware. Poorly configured BIOS settings can have major performance impact on the installed OS and default settings are not automatically the best settings.

While writing this post, I stumbled onto some BIOS settings, I did not fully understand. That makes it difficult to choose the correct settings. In this post, I will show you how to deal with some “CPU Power Management” settings on a HP ML110 G6 server.

Before you start, make sure which CPU’s are supported in the server, some BIOS settings are not relevant for your CPU. Example: the ML110 G6 supports[1] Intel Xeon X3430, X3450, X3460, In the BIOS under “Advanced Processor Options” there is the “Processor Hyper-Threading” option. The X3430 does not support Hyperthreading, which makes this option irrelevant. However the other models do support Hyperthreading.

The first question is, which processor is installed? A HP ML110 G6 will show the CPU type during the boot process. In case you have VMware ESXi already installed, you can also determine the CPU type from the vSphere Client, under Configuration.

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