VDCA550 – Objective 7.2 – Utilize basic workflows using Orchestrator


vCenter Orchestrator was an objective in the VDCA410 exam that qualified for the VCAP4-DCA certification, disappeared in the VDCA510 exam and returned in the VDCA550 exam

Skills and abilities

  • Configure and manage vCenter Orchestrator
  • Add Orchestrator to vCenter
  • Create basic vCenter management workflows
  • Troubleshoot existing workflows
  • Import/export packages


Configure and manage vCenter Orchestrator

First of all, what is vCenter Orchestrator (vCO from now on)? According to the documentation, vCO is a development- and process-automation platform that provides a library of extensible workflows to allow you to create and run automated, configurable processes to manage the VMware vSphere infrastructure as well as other VMware and third-party technologies. The Key word in this definition is the word “process-automation”.

The architecture of vCO

VDCA550-7.2-01Figure 1 – vCO Architecture (Source: VMware)

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