VCAP5-DCA exam VDCA550 – Complete

The complete Study Guide for VCAP5-DCA exam VDCA550 is now available. Over 300 pages, covering all Sections.

Download: VCAP5-DCA exam VDCA550.

If you have any questions or remarks, please respond. Thank you very much for reading.


17 Responses to VCAP5-DCA exam VDCA550 – Complete

  1. i downloaded this complete one but still not seeing section 7 there ..only till 6 is there ..please check your download link and update latest with section 7

  2. Thanks Paul, downloaded this one has all sections ..

  3. Itay says:

    Thank you very much for everything, Paul!!!

  4. Srinivasan says:

    Thanks Paul…..I hope it will help lot to get certification done.!!!

  5. Ryan says:

    Hi Paul, I took the VDCA550 today after studying since late October. Your guide was of real use at 5.1, let alone the re-worked one for 5.5 which I was following with anticipation!

    I passed with a good mark and I’d like to say thanks for the work you put in on it. It was a great study aid and I’ve learned loads!

    All the best!

  6. Kashif says:

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for your all time and hard work you put in this guide.

    Would you recommend to use vSphere Web Client or thick vSphere client for practice.

    • paulgrevink says:

      Hello Kashif,

      As I did not take the exam myself, I can not tell you. However in the Exam Blueprint, both clients are mentioned. Also from vSphere 5.5, the Web Client is the primary client.

      Best regards,


  7. Hi Paul,

    I passed vcap550 dca exam. Thank you very much for your effort. your guide is the only for 5.5 preparation as per my search. it was great tool for my when i was studying for exam. pdf part, i followed your guide and blueprint only; othesr were videos.

    Thanks Again!

  8. Lynley Agsam says:

    Hi Paul

    You mentioned at the very end that these are no longer in the VCAP5.5

    “Some Objectives are no longer part of the VDCA510 exam, like;
    o VDCA510 Blueprint , Section 6 contains 5 objectives covering troubleshooting skills on CPU, Memory, Network and Storage. However, imho one should know how to troubleshoot a vSphere environment.
    o VDCA510 Blueprint, Objective 7.2 “Configure and Maintain the ESXi Firewall”.
    o VDCA510 Blueprint, Objective 8.2 “Administer vSphere Using the vSphere Management Assistant”.
    o VDCA510 Blueprint, Objective 9.1 “Install ESXi hosts with custom settings”, aka the ESXi Image Builder.
    o VDCA510 Blueprint, Objective 9.1 “Install ESXi Hosts Using Auto Deploy”.

    Could you please clarify if image builder and auto deploy are no longer part of the blueprint and exam.



    • paulgrevink says:

      Hello Lynley,

      Sorry for the late response, for some reason, I missed your question.
      It is always good to check for the latest exam blueprint. My experience with VMware is that exams follow the blueprints. Something I cannot say for Microsoft exams.

      Good luck with your exam preparations.

      Best regards,


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  11. […] initially started by going through this guide written by Paul Grevink, working through examples in my lab environment. I’m lucky in that […]

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