vCSA how to disable IPv6?

For me it was already a common practice to disable IPv6 on ESXi hosts, but until recently I did not realize that vCenter Server can also benefit from it. For vCenter Server on Windows, you reconfigure the Windows network configuration. But how do you disable IPv6 on the vCSA?

I recently found that a vCSA 6.0 has at least three options to reconfigure the network settings. But only one option enables you to disable IPv6.

Using a web browser you can log in to the vCSA Web console by entering URL: https: //<vCSA hostname or IP address>:5480

From there go to Networking, under Networking Interfaces, choose Edit to open the “Edit IP Configuration” window. Here you can configure IPv4 and IPv6 and disable IPv4, but no option to disable IPv6.


The second option, connect your web browser to the vCSA using well known port 9443. In the Web Client, select System Configuration, under Nodes, select the node representing the vCSA.

Select tab Manage, Settings and Networking.

Fig. 2

From here, choose Edit and select the Networking settings. Select nic0. Again a windows very similar as seen in the Web console, but no option to disable IPv6.

Finally, the vCSA also has a DCUI.
Fig. 3

Choose F2 and log in. Choose Configure Management Network and choose IPv6 Configuration. Here you can see that IPv6 is enabled.
Fig 4.

To disable IPv6, remove the “X” at Enable IPv6 (restart required).

Fig. 5

Press Enter to commit the change, followed by Esc and accept “Y” to restart (in fact reboot) the vCSA. The vCSA will now automatically reboot.

I also installed a recent vCSA 6.5 and checked the Web Console, the Web Client and the DCUI for any changes regarding this topic. The outcome, nothing has changed. So also for the 6.5 version, use the DCUI to disable IPv6.

Conclusion: Having three ways to configure network settings with some different options and different layouts do not leave a consistent impression. Time for some rework?

As always, I thank you for reading.

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