About update levels and build numbers (VMware)

You are working on a project, e.g. installing the latest VMware Horizon View on a vSphere 5.5 Platform. The VMware Product Interoperability Matrixes can help you determine which versions of ESXi are compatible with View.


This is not the best example, as this version of View runs on almost all version of ESXi, you might see the issue, as ESXi presents no update levels, just build numbers. So how do you match Update levels to Build numbers?

A long time ago, like some other fellow bloggers, I have tried to keep on track, but today VMware did a very good job by publishing and maintaining KB “Correlating VMware products build numbers to update levels (1014508)”.

The KB presents an overview of; Versions, build numbers, release dates and installer build numbers for the following products:

  • Converter
  • ESXi/ESX
  • Update Manager (VUM)
  • vCenter Server
  • VirtualCenter
  • vSphere Replication Appliance
  • vCenter Chargeback
  • vRealize Orchestrator
  • vCloud Connector
  • vCloud Director
  • vCloud Networking and Security
  • vShield
  • vRealize Automation Center
  • Site Recovery Manager (SRM)
  • VMware Data Recovery (VDR)
  • VMware Horizon View

Not sure how to determine the build number of a product? The KB points to some other useful articles.

As a always, I thank you for reading.

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