vCenter Configuration Manager – The Videos

Aka vSphere Hardening – Part 5

Someone over at VMware has been reading my mind or my blog posts. A few weeks ago, I wondered about the few posts and videos available regarding the VMware vCenter Configuration Manager.

But things have changed, on 22th December 2013; VMware has uploaded 4 Videos on YouTube:

VMware vCenter Configuration Manager 5.7 Installation

Data Collection from vSphere with vCenter Configuration Manager 5.7

VMware vSphere Hardening and Compliance with vCenter Configuration Manager 5.7

Compliance Data in vCenter Operations with vCenter Configuration Manager 5.7

I have watched the videos, a few remarks.

The Installation video presents a comprehensive overview of the installation process, take notice that in this demo, the prerequisites have been fulfilled. See also my post on the installation process.

The Data Collection video, details how to connect a vCenter Server to vCenter Configuration Manager and start collecting data. This video covers my previous post on the configuration of VCM.

The third video shows how to perform some high level remediation on ESXi hosts. It also introduces some of the Compliance options and even shows how to automatically run compliance checking jobs.

The final video shows how to incorporate Compliance data into the vCenter Operations Manager. It shows how to register the vCenter Configuration Manager server in vCenter Operations Manager and the necessary configuration of vCenter Configuration Manager.


This post is the fifth part in a series about vSphere hardening. See also:
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Part 2 vSphere Hardening, Available Tools
Part 3 vCenter Configuration Manager – Installation
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Part 5 vCenter Configuration Manager – The Videos
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