Tiny Core Linux VM 32 bit!

Just a quick post. A lot has already been written about the Tiny Core Linux VM, so I won’t repeat that.

This VM is ideal for testing purposes. For instance you are building environments based on nested ESXi hosts and you want a small VM for testing HA, network connectivity and so on.

In my case, there was only one small problem. Since vSphere 5.1, my hardware does not support running 64 bit VMs on nested ESXi hosts.

The resolution is easy, in fact this version of Tiny Core Linux is 32-bit. So after importing the .OVA, just edit the configuration. On the Options tab, change the Guest OS from “Other Linux (64-bit)” to “Other Linux (32-bit)”. That’s all.

TinyCoreLinux-01Figure 1

Credits for the people at the Tiny Core Linux project and Iwan Rahabok for creating the .OVA. You can find it here.

One Response to Tiny Core Linux VM 32 bit!

  1. matanyahu says:

    Hi Paul,

    Great post, especially that I was recently looking for a lightweight VM for my homelab environment. Eventually a made one myself (based on TinyCore, with 48MB RAM, 19MB HDD thin-provisioned, open-vm-tools, nginx and openssh on board). Feel free to visit my website to download an OVA: https://cloudarchitectblog.wordpress.com/2015/11/11/yvm-download-page/

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