vOPS Server Explorer 6.3 release

Today, Dell released the latest version of the vOPS Server Explorer, version 6.3 to be more precise. Last year, Dell acquired vKernel and with that, its flagship product vOPS Server Standard.

vOPS Server Explorer is a freeware suite, this version adds two new utilities, Storage Explorer and Change Explorer, plus adds improvements to Environment Explorer. So there are now a total of five utilities in the vOPS free VM tool.

  • Environment Explorer
  • vScope Explorer
  • Search VM Explorer
  • Storage Explorer
  • Change Explorer

vOPS Server Explorer uses the same analytics and advisory engine from the paid vOPS Server Standard product, all five of these utilities provide virtual administrators with a rapid assessment of the state of their environment.

vOPS Explorer-01

Figure 1 – Storage Explorer (provided by Dell)

Storage Explorer

  • Extensive storage performance and capacity views across datastores and VMs
  • Identifies critical datastore issues such as overcommitment, low capacity, high latency, VMFS version mismatch
  • Identifies critical VM issues such as low available disk space, high latency and throughput
  •  Allows user to sort on any metric to find specific issues relevant to them

Change Explorer

  • Lists all changes that occurred to datacenters, clusters, resource pools, hosts, datastores and VMs within the last seven days with associated risk impact
  • Allows user to filter on object name, user and type to find specific changes
  • Number of changes also represented graphically over time to be able to see when they are occurring

These  new free utilities will for no cost, immediately inform system administrators on whether they have performance, capacity or critical configuration changes occurred in their environment. Many datacenters pay consultants for environment health checks to come to the same conclusions.

vOPS Server Explorer 6.3 is available for download now: http://www.vkernel.com/download/server-explorer

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