Review: Trainsignal VMware vSphere PowerCLI Training

Recently, Trainsignal presented a new episode in its VMware Training Videos series entitled “VMware vSphere PowerCLI Training”. The training is presented by Mr. Hal Rottenberg, a well known member in the PowerShell and VMware community. He is a vExpert and MVP on Windows PowerShell.

You can buy the training online for $397, it includes:

  • 3 DVD set that will be shipped (within 7 workdays in my case) with no extra costs.
  • The first and second DVD contain 12 video lessons. The third disc contains the same material as iPod, MP3 or WMV files and instructions how to place them on your iPod.
  • Besides the video lessons, the Instructor notes (sheets) and example scripts are also included.
  • Instant access to the “My Online training”. This is really the best part!
    Minutes after purchasing the training, you can start your training online. You don’t have to wait for UPS. The “My Online training” contains all the training material.

The course outline

Lesson 1 – Getting Started with VMware vSphere PowerCLI Training

Lesson 2 – Lab Setup

Lesson 3 – Introduction to PowerCLI

Lesson 4 – PowerCLI Concepts

Lesson 5 – Working with Objects in PowerShell

Lesson 6 – Managing vSphere Hosts with PowerCLI

Lesson 7 – Managing Virtual Machines with PowerCLI

Lesson 8 – Managing Virtual Networks with PowerCLI

Lesson 9 – Managing Storage with PowerCLI

Lesson 10 – Managing High Availability and Clustering with PowerCLI

Lesson 11 – Managing vCenter with PowerCLI

Lesson 12 – Reporting with PowerCLI

The total playing time of the 12 lessons is more than 11 hours.

My personal evaluation

I am rather new to Windows PowerShell and I do have more experience writing Linux Bash scripts.  The first five lessons is an introduction to PowerShell and the vSphere PowerCLI.
Mr. Rottenberg explains why PowerShell is important to you. One of the most important parts of this course are the numerous demonstrations. It does not make sense just to watch the videos. You should also practice in your own environment. Mr. Rottenberg explains what you need to setup your own lab, so you can repeat and try to solve your questions in PowerShell. Two lessons are dedicated to the introduction and the concepts of the PowerCLI.

Lesson 6 to 11 discusses Cmdlets grouped by vSphere Hosts, Virtual Machines, Virtual Networks, Storage and so on. On first glance, one might think “When I do know one Get- Cmdlet, I know them all”, this is not the case.

After a few lessons, especially during Mr. Rottenberg’s demonstrations, you will start to see the magic of PowerShell and the use of the PowerCLI commands. The Get-VMHost | Get-VM pipelines become familiar. Before starting this training, one of the things I had hoped, was to gain more insight in the concepts of PowerShell. In that aspect, this course also met my expectations. In each demonstration, Mr Rottenberg shows how Cmdlets work and explains how to use other PowerShell commands (Now I know how to use Get-Method, Get-View etc.) and custom functions (like gpm) to get your things done. The final lesson “Reporting with PowerCLI” is in my opinion one of the best lessons. In this lesson, three example scripts (to create Reports) are discussed.

My final conclusion is, when you are new to PowerShell and the vSphere PowerCLI, this course is worth considering. It will get you up to speed with the vSphere PowerCLI in no time.

You can watch a sample of this training.

Of course, there is the official VMware “vSphere PowerCLI Administration Guide”. However, this guide is not a complete vSphere PowerCLI training. After a brief introduction it gives a lot of useful examples concerning the more advanced topics. So, I recommend this guide for the more experienced users.

Disclaimer: In no way am I sponsored by TrainSignal. I bought my own copy of this training.

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