VMware + Android = VirtualViewer

Since I have changed my Palm Treo cell phone for an Android powered device, I have entered a new dimension. One of the coolest aspects is the  Application Market. Please do not bash me, I know there are other excellent products like the iPhone. Now and then I browse the Android Market with the search term “vmware”. In most cases the results are Apps for the VCP exam preparation, but today there is a new App named VirtualViewer.

VirtualViewer is created by Steffmeister Software,  the project page is here, at this moment the software can be downloaded for free.

The current version 1.0-4 supports vCenter 4 (and some ESX/ESXi 4.0/4.1 support). After logging in to the vCenter server, there are the following menu options:

  • Inventory, browse the Datacenter, see the VMs, basic info and status (running or not);
  • Alarms, show active alarms with state and description
  • Sessions, show active sessions on the vCenter or host
  • About and Quit

The creator encourages you to download the application and feedback is appreciated.

One Response to VMware + Android = VirtualViewer

  1. steffmeister says:

    many changes happened since 1.0-4. but thanks for mentioning my app 🙂

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